Custom Wood Fencing in Denver CO Can Add a New Look to Your Home

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Adding fencing to your property, if properly selected and installed, can do a lot to improve the overall look of your grounds, as well as add security and privacy. It can add a degree of elegance and can complement your landscaping plan as well as your home. A fence can serve to highlight and frame your home, and if you use wood as your material of choice, it can add a distinctive warm and welcoming feel as well.

Choosing custom wood fencing in Denver CO gives you a nice pallet to work with as far as selection of woods to be used and the style of fence you feel will work best in your particular circumstance. The most common woods used in fencing include spruce and western red cedar. They are decorative as well as functional and, if they are adequately treated, stand up well to our sometimes harsh winter weather. The style of fencing you select will depend on the purpose you want it to serve. Solid wood panels, stockade, and tongue and groove style fences are all excellent choices to assure your family’s privacy, while more open styles like post-and-rail, and picket fencing can add a more accessible feel to your property. There are so many choices available to you that you may want to seek some assistance from a specialist in custom wood fencing in Denver CO. They can work with you to find just the right fencing products to give your property the look and feel you’re going for.

When you are considering adding a custom-built fence or fences to your property, you not only need to select the fence itself; you need to decide who you want to purchase it from and who will do the installation. This can be a critical choice, since you will want a team who has been doing this work for some time and has developed some expertise and experience. Their workmanship will, after all, affect the appearance of one of your biggest investments; your home. The professionals at Straight Line Fence have over two decades of combined experience in fencing and rely on only experienced and qualified contractors to do their installations. To keep their expenses down so they can offer you outstanding prices on fencing products, they don’t have commissioned sales personnel. They can handle both residential and light commercial fencing projects and can do installations as well as repairs.

At Western Maintenance & Construction, we are a local licensed and insured maintenance and construction company building fences and doing fence repairs and replacement in any area in or around Denver, CO.

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