Choosing Between Slab and Pre-Hung Exterior Entry Home Doors South Jersey

by | Feb 25, 2015 | Doors And Windows

Do you need to replace one or more exterior entry Home Doors South Jersey? Then you will need to consider whether to use pre-hung or slab doors. Your exterior entry doors are an important part of your home’s aesthetics. These movable structures also serve to help insulate a home and assist in thwarting burglaries. For these reasons, it’s important to install a secure door. Use the following guidelines to help you make this decision.

A pre-hung door is a door that is already installed into its frame. It’s an independent unit. This self-contained unit consists of a door, hinges, and fame. Many pre-hung doors have mortises pre-cut for locks and door knobs. If you have a door frame that is beyond repair, using a pre-hung door may be a preferable option. When you have to remodel an entire wall or door opening, a pre-hung door can make the process simpler. Pre-hung doors are often manufactured using calibrated machines. This allows for a tight-fitting door. It’s a good idea to have as small of a gap as possible between the door frame and the edge of the door. Pre-hung doors allow for this.

When installing exterior entry Home Doors South Jersey, it’s essential that you carefully consider these factors. Pre-hung and slab door both have advantages. The one you choose will heavily depend upon your ability to craft the door. For more information on door services, please talk to an expert at Business Name South Jersey This company can handle steel doors to meet your home’s needs.

A slab door is simply a rectangular piece of material such as steel, wood, or composite. It’s not attached to a door frame and does not come with hinges. If you are confident in your carpentry and woodworking skills, a slab door will give you the advantage of customizing your door without paying extra money. This type of door is lighter than a pre-hung door and can usually be handled by one person. When installing a slab door, it’s important to ensure that it’s tight-fitting to deter criminal activity. This type of door can be fashioned using different tools and equipment. You can install a window into it and use different types of locks.

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