Call the Pros When You Really Need Effective Geese Removal in Columbus, OH

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Animal Removal

Canada geese are majestic birds that mate for life and are interesting and beautiful to watch in flight or on the water. Canada geese are large, destructive and aggressive. Which statement is true? Both.

Watching a flock of Canada geese from a distance is one thing. Having a flock of Canada geese take up unwelcome and permanent residence on your property is something else entirely. Most people don’t consider this a pleasant experience and call for Geese Removal in Columbus OH.

Geese eat just about everything in sight, are messy, very noisy and will attack aggressively, especially during the breeding season. These are large birds, weighing as much as 24 pounds and standing over three feet tall.

Migratory and Non-migratory Canada Geese

Canada geese were traditionally known as migrating birds, flying over Ohio in the fall in huge numbers. Geese learn the migrating flight path from their parents. If the parents choose to live permanently on your property instead of flying south, these geese have become resident geese. All future generations born to these nonmigratory Canada geese will also live on your property instead of migrate south for the winter. Throughout Ohio, there are now large flocks of Canada geese who have become permanent residents.

Where Canada Geese Like it Best

Canada geese like open water and short grass that can’t conceal predators. This perfectly describes many golf courses, parks, farmland, apartment complexes, homes and other places where humans live and work. Some people enjoy looking out the window and watching the geese, but many others want the geese safely removed.

Convincing the Geese to Leave

Many different tactics can be used for geese removal including:

  • Lack of food. Don’t feed the geese. Human food isn’t good for them, but encourages more geese to come
  • Dogs. Canines can be useful deterrents unless the geese are nesting or raising young
  • Flashing lights, loud recordings of alarm calls and other loud noises
  • Disturbing geese both day and night
  • Spraying grass with a goose repellent that makes the grass taste bad to the geese
  • Letting grass grow as tall as possible in a wide band at water’s edge until all of the geese have decided to leave

When you need professional Geese Removal in Columbus OH, call 614-870-8727. The Wildlife Control Company, Inc. has been providing reliable control services for troublesome Ohio wildlife for 20 years. Contact us today.

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