Bespoke Kitchens in Sussex

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Kitchen Improvements

957027_mHave you ever been inside two houses that look identical? It?s not really possible as the owners and previous owners have made changes to the property, some cosmetic, some structural. Likewise there are not two identical kitchens, considering one of the many forms of bespoke kitchens in Sussex is one of the ways that you can obtain the kitchen of your dreams. The base components of any kitchen are the same but the way in which they are combined makes all the difference. The final product is influenced by the customer?s choice of colours, doors and tiles.

What makes up a kitchen?

A kitchen is made up of the base units, top cabinets, tiles, worktops, appliances and lighting.

Base units can be under sink units, a set of drawers, or a basic cupboard with adjustable shelving. They basically come in two sizes, 70 mm high to be covered by the sink or a worktop. They can also house integrated ovens. They come in a variety of sizes, 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 1000mm or 1200mm wide. There are also tall units which will house integrated fridges as well as ovens. The slimmer version of the tall floor units can be used to hide brooms but are still easily accessible.

Sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, single drainer, double drainer and a one and half drainer which can house a waste disposal unit. Taps also vary a lot. Some fit into the sinks, others have to be wall mounted. Combined hot and cold outlet taps can be fitted into the sink while separate taps will be wall mounted. Some taps come with a spray option to give the cutlery and crockery a final rinse.

Top cabinets are more basic than floor units but they can be used to hide the extractor fan. Another use for these cabinets is to hold under cupboard lighting. This is not only cosmetically attractive but useful too. When working the kitchen the main lights are normally blocked as your body is between the work surfaces. Under cabinet lighting removes these shadows and casts light on to what is being prepared or cooked. Whatever your requirements in relation to bespoke kitchens in Sussex, there are plenty of options available.

Quality bespoke kitchens in Sussex are hard to find. There are few better than the family run Sussex Kitchens Designs. Call them on 01403 240855 or visit their webpage

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