Going Solar In Pennsylvania

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Roofing

Pennsylvania is making a statement. They have more than 428 solar companies in PA. This places them high among the largest employers in solar energy in the entire United States. It clearly indicates that solar energy is a force in this state. In fact, one estimate finds the state has installed enough solar energy to power in the area of 24,700 homes.

What Services do Solar Companies in PA Offer?
When it comes to providing individuals with solar power, companies in PA are active in all the major areas. They are involved in different areas of the process including:

    • * Solar cell manufacturing


    • * Solar module manufacturing


    • * Residential installation


    • * Commercial installation – contractor/installers


    • * Financing


    • * Engineering


    * Legal support

The largest numbers of solar companies in PA are contractor/installers for both residents and commercial enterprises.
This diversity of involvement and participation in PA indicates a dedication to this newer and more sustainable form of energy. Although criticism from 2014 indicates, the emphasis is for residential over commercial installation. The rationale for a stronger residential than business market is a simple one. Commercial enterprises want to see a faster return rate than currently possible. They continue to hold this opinion even though the rates for installing a photovoltaic system have continued to decrease substantially in cost since 2010. Moreover, they are ignoring the obvious benefits accrued from the installation of a solar system.

Benefits for Commercial Businesses

Commercial enterprises can gain from installing solar energy. They

    • * Can save on electricity- in fact it can stabilize and help you control your expense in this area


    • * Current solar technology is very cost-effective


    • * Government incentives are potential tax reductions, credits, rebates. Policies change but savings are available for industries willing to take the plunge. The Federal government, for one, does provide a tax credit to commercial entities who employ solar power,


    • * Ongoing decreased cost in solar technology e.g. solar panels. This is abetted by any tax credit, rebate or reduction available through federal and/or state governments


    • * Environmentally beneficial ? can use it as a selling point e.g. environmentally responsible company, green company, etc.


    * Lower maintenance costs

Solar companies in PA have a right to boast about their market placement. They are clearly working to ensure this state has the ability to reduce dependency on foreign oil and gas. They are working hard to improve the power source and, therefore, having a positive environmental impact. It is good for the overall economic welfare of the state that companies can make money and provide employment while they do so. Solar companies in PA are working hard to provide the state’s residents with clean energy. At Roof Diagnostics Solar, we are doing our part to make sure residences and commercial structures are able to access the power of the sun.

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