Benefits of Silk Wallpaper Over Paint

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Home And Garden

Wallpaper is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional house paint and it has the power to transform any interior room into a lively, entertaining space. Whether you love wild colors and interesting designs or something muted and subtle, there are options available for you. Silk wallpaper is one such option and there are more than a few reasons this type of wallpaper is better than paint by a wide margin. Once you understand why so many homeowners have recently decided to redo their walls with this choice, you may decide to make the switch yourself.


Silk wallpaper is available in a wide range of colors and patterns to keep your home beautiful and unique. If you love nature, for example, you can look into something with a natural attraction and there is no better material to achieve such a look than silk. When you go online and research companies that sell this product, you can look through the various options. As with all natural products, silk wallpaper will vary slightly in color, texture, and weave, and this is perfect when you want to achieve a truly unique appearance.

Simple Installation

Wallpaper is exceptionally simple to install as you simply need to apply a special glue and roll the wallpaper into place. With paint, you need to go through the agony of mixing paint thinner into the paint and enduring the unpleasant smell of chemicals. After you complete a paint job, that smell is apparent throughout the house for days afterward and the fumes are not particularly good for the health. If you have small children in the home with you, you may want to choose wallpaper simply to avoid exposing them to harsh chemical fumes. As if these reasons were not enough, wallpaper is extremely cost-effective and you can cover an entire room for a fraction of the price of paint.

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