Bathroom Remodeling in RI Can Give You A Whole New Look

If you are tired of looking at that same old bathroom maybe it is time to consider Bathroom Remodel in RI. There are quite a few things that you can do with your bathroom to give it an entirely new look.

If you or someone you love has mobility issues, you may want to consider a walk-in bathtub. Or, you may even be considering frameless shower doors, or new energy efficient windows. Whatever it is that you have in mind for your new bathroom, Jacuzzi Bath Remodel by Capital will have what you are looking for.


When you have mobility issues that make it difficult to get in and out of a standard bathtub, the walk-in bathtub may be the perfect addition to your new bathroom. Walk-in tubs can fit into virtually any bathroom, and are easy to install. In fact, your new tub can be installed right where your existing tub is located. One of the main benefits of the walk-in tub is that there is a comfortable seat located inside the tub so you do not have to worry about sitting all the way down inside the tub like you do with a traditional bathtub.


If you love taking showers but you hate the look of that bulky frame around your tub or shower, you may want to consider a frameless shower door. Not only will frameless shower doors give you more space in your bathroom and shower, it will also be easier to clean, and more sanitary too. Because there are no caulk lines or slide rails to worry about, you will not have to clean out soap scum or mold. All you will have to do is wipe down your doors when you are done showering. It is as easy as that to keep your frameless shower doors clean and sparkling.


While you are doing your Bathroom Remodeling, why not add some new energy efficient windows to the room. Vinyl dual pane windows are the perfect addition to any room, including the bathroom. Think how nice a garden window would be to look out while you are relaxing in your new walk-in bathtub. Your remodeling contractor will be able to show you all of the options that are available.

Remodeling your bathroom can take it from old and boring, to new and exciting in no time at all. Contact Jacuzzi Bath Remodel by Capital today.

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