3 Reasons To Have Dated Mantels In Draper, UT Refurbished Or Replaced

Many older homes have a fireplace the homeowners enjoy. Not only is a fireplace a second source of heat, when it is lit, but it can make the home feel warmer and cozier. If the home is old, there is a good chance that the mantle is old as well. There are a few reasons why homeowners with dated Mantels in Draper UT should consider having them refinished.

The Room’s Focal Point

A beautiful mantle can be the focal point of the room. If the mantle looks old, worn, and dated, it can take away from the main function of the mantle. When the mantle looks nice, the homeowner can place photos or other decorations on the mantel. During the holidays, the mantle can be dressed up, and stockings can be hung. If the mantle looks worn and dated, the homeowner won’t want to bring too much attention to it.

Styles Are Always Changing

Home interior styles are always changing. What was in style when the mantle was built may not be in style today. If the homeowner works with a mantle restoration company, they can have a mantle that is stylish and current.

Damaged Mantles are Dangerous

If the homeowner’s mantel is cracked or beginning to settle, it can be very dangerous. If a fire is lit in the fireplace and the mantle is damaged, it can be a serious fire hazard. If the problem persists, the mantle can begin to settle or even collapse. The best way for the homeowner to ensure the mantle is safe and in working condition is to have any damage repaired as quickly as possible.

There are many sites online where homeowners can learn to update the mantle in their homes themselves. What many homeowners don’t know is that mantle work is best left to the professionals. The people who work for these companies are trained to spot any issues or damage to the mantle when they are handling the renovation. Most homeowners won’t know what to look for, and the mantle could be dangerous to use. If a homeowner is planning a renovation of their Mantels in Draper UT, they should contact the professionals at Stone Mountain Castings & Design.

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