FAQs For Window Contractors In Waukesha, Wisconsin

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Roofing

In Wisconsin, property owners schedule new installations when windows are cracked or chipped. Natural disasters are a common reason for window damage and could lead to flooding inside the property. Upon the discovery of window damage, the homeowners need to schedule emergency services. Window Contractors in Waukesha Wisconsin can provide answers to frequently asked questions about the products.

Do Contractors Offer Payment Plans for New Windows?

Yes, property owners who need financing for their windows must submit an application for a credit assessment. Their credit rating could play a role in the projected down payment and monthly payments for the window installation. The contract for the chosen financing option is created and signed before the installation.

Are There Limitations For When Windows are Installed?

No, the installation teams can install windows throughout the year. The typical turnaround for an installation is one day. However, in severe weather, the contractors may provide board-up services to prevent water from entering the property. Under the circumstances, the contractors will return to the property when it is safe for their workers to perform the new installation.

How Does a Lifetime Warranty Work?

The homeowner receives a lifetime warranty that will replace the windows or cover the cost of repairs during a window’s lifetime. However, the terms of the warranty define what type of replacement or repairs are provided. It is recommended that the homeowner reviews the warranty with their preferred contractor.

How Long is the Contractor’s Warranty?

Typically, contractors provide a warranty for their work. With their guarantee, the homeowner must report any issues to the contractor within the first month following the installation. Repairs or replacements are performed if there are any issues or if any defects are discovered.

What Type of Maintenance is Needed for the Windows?

The homeowner should wash the windows regularly to remove debris. The accumulation of algae on the exterior of the windows could lead to further issues. A pressure washer should be used to remove unwanted substances from the windows.

In Wisconsin, property owners purchase windows when they need replacements or to update their style. Contractors help homeowners find the right products for their homes. Property owners who need the services of Window Contractors in Waukesha Wisconsin can contact us right now.

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