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by | Feb 28, 2013 | Doors And Windows

Along with doors, windows are the primary source of heat loss in a house. Not only are they leaky, they may stick after they have been painted or the wood may swell when it gets very humid. And then of course, there are the broken panes of glass and torn screens to be concerned with. How does one go about window repair in Colorado Springs?

Opening a stuck window:

Wooden frame double-hung windows, especially older ones, have a tendency to frequently stick. If the window has recently been painted, then common sense tells you to break the paint seal and clear the vertical tracks of any excess paint. To clear the paint, use a hammer and small chisel and gently clean the tracks. Paint that has thickened can be cut out but be careful not to harm the wooden tracks. When you have removed the paint, rub the tracks with sandpaper and finally spray a silicone lubricant into the track.

If this does not allow the window to be opened, then you may have to use a pry bar. It is best to do this from the outside rather than the inside. Put a small wooden block on the window ledge and pry up gently from the corners working toward the middle of the window. Be careful, too much pressure can break the sash and damage the frame. If you can open it, clean the tracks well and apply lubricant, if you cannot open it, it may be a problem with settlement or humidity, and it will best to call a carpenter.

Repairing a broken window pane:

Broken glass is not a difficult window repair in Colorado Springs, but it should be done quickly as it is a security concern and of course, the weather can get in.

Measure the inside dimensions of the frame, new glass can be purchased cut to size from most hardware stores and lumberyards. Have the glass cut a little smaller than the opening to allow for expansion and contraction of the sash. Measure vertically and horizontally, at both side and the top and bottom of the opening. Subtract about 1/16” from the smallest of the two measurements in both planes. While you are at the store get a box of glazier’s points.

When the broken glass has been removed, roll a “rope” of glazier’s compound (putty) and stick it to the point where the glass sits in the frame, do this completely around the opening. Smooth the putty, removing any excess. Set the glass pane securely against the thin veneer of putty and put glazier’s points about every 6 inches. Finish the job by applying putty at a 45-degree angle to the glass, making sure the putty is cut cleanly. After about three days, use a razor blade to clean any excess putty from the window and paint it.

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