Why MDF Is the Best Material for Your Cabinet Doors in Toronto

If you are renovating your home and are wondering what is the best material with which to have the new cabinets made, you might be surprised at the answer. Instead of using traditional wood or even metal, most building professionals state that they prefer an MDF Cabinet Door. There are many advantages to choosing them.

MDF Doesn’t Warp

Unlike natural wood, MDF does not warp under temperature extremes. This is not to say that it does not breathe like natural wood, because it certainly does. It expands and contracts under cold and heat and even humidity fluctuations, but the material moves as one instead of separate grains like real wood does. This obviously leads to a door that lasts much longer than traditional doors.

Better For Painting

Since doors manufactured from MDF have a smoother finish than natural wood, they are a much better option for painting. The lack of grain that MDF is known for is due to the fact that the material is made from very fine particles.


The variety of sizes that an MDF cabinet door can come in also makes it an ideal material with which to manufacture doors. It is not as heavy as natural wood so it can be used without the need for joints. They can also be drilled anywhere on the piece with no fear of splitting along the grain and cut into specific shapes for very unique designs.

If you are interested in having MDF doors in your home, please contact Lovech Ltd as they are leading manufacturer of MDF doors, kitchen cabinets and MDF door panels in Toronto, Ontario, CA.

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