Why Hardwood Surface Flooring Installation in Gaithersburg Should Be Left to a Professional

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Flooring

The idea of ripping up the carpeting and installing a hardwood floor holds a lot of appeals. While the homeowner may be tempted to make this into a weekend project, there are compelling reasons for leaving the process of hardwood surface flooring installation in Gaithersburg in the hands of a professional. Here are some of the more important ones to keep in mind.

Safe Removal of the Carpeting

Getting rid of old carpeting is more complicated than grabbing a corner and starting to tug. There are all sorts of irritants in the carpet and the underlying padding. Someone with the right safety gear needs to take care of the job. With proper protection, it is possible to prevent breathing in any of those contaminants. That will go a long way in preventing bronchial issues during and after the job is done.

The professional will also know how to deal with stubborn parts of the padding that happen to be stuck to the underlying flooring. Once everything is out of the way, that same professional can inspect the flooring and take care of any repairs necessary. The result is a clean and level floor that is ready for the installation of that new hardwood surface.

Measuring and Cutting

The process of Hardwood Surface Flooring Installation in Gaithersburg will require measuring and cutting some sections for the perfect fit. A professional knows how to go about this process without making a lot of mistakes. The result is the floor will be in place without wasting a lot of materials. Thanks to this attention to detail, the homeowner will find that the cost of the materials will be kept to a minimum.

Checking the New Floor

Before the job is considered finished, the professional will check every square inch of the new hardwood surface. The goal is to make sure every piece is firmly in position, and the expanse of the floor is level. Only after everything is in order will the professional consider the project complete. This is important since a properly installed floor will mean the owner can enjoy it without any issues arising several months down the road.

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