Why Call a Wildlife Professional for Geese Removal in Columbus, OH?

When most people think of animal control services, their minds immediately wander to things like skunks and raccoons. Unfortunately, not all nuisance animals are confined to the ground. Canada geese can be just as aggressive as raccoons and other mammals, but they come with added advantages over homeowners vying for property rights. Not only do geese travel in flocks, but they can simply fly away and return at will. Geese Removal in Columbus OH can easily turn into an on-going up-hill battle for property owners who choose to go it alone. The most effective, and often the most cost-efficient, approach to getting rid of these flocks of unwanted guests is to call in a specialist.

Animal control services that specialize in getting rid of nuisance geese have all kinds of tools at their disposal that are not available to the average citizens. Canine discouragement, pyrotechnics, and chemical aversion agents are just a few techniques that require the help of a professional. A homeowner with one untrained dog is at risk of losing his or her favorite furry friend should the pet be unleashed upon a flock of aggressive geese, but highly-trained and breed-specific attack dogs can send geese running, or flying, with incredible speed.

Once the initial step of removing the flock has been taken, it’s important to keep on top of the problem so that the geese do not return immediately. Visual and audio scare deterrents can be helpful tools. In some cases, however, stubborn geese may refuse to take the hint, returning to the same property over and over to tear up the grass, leave droppings everywhere, and terrorize household pets. When this occurs, habitat modification may become necessary. This is typically only used as a last resort, but rest assured, with the help of a professional any property can be modified to be less appealing to Canada geese.

Property owners at their wit’s end and sick to death of sitting idle while unwanted visitors cause endless damage should know that they don’t have to do battle with nuisance wildlife alone. Visit us today for more information about Geese Removal in Columbus OH and other wildlife control services.

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