White Kitchen Cabinets in Kennett Square PA Shine in Modern kitchens

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Home Improvement

White is pure and elegant. White is one of the most classic colors in kitchens dating back hundreds of years, but it is also a very modern choice. White kitchen cabinets have a lot of benefits. Even better, there are some dazzling ideas for using white kitchen cabinets. white is the best complement for large kitchen windows, and a flat design can be used alongside a bold color to make for an astonishing color balance


Light from outside will reflect easily off the bright white of the cabinetry. White kitchen cabinets tend to work a lot better if they are accompanied by expansive kitchen windows. One neat touch is to use another color, such as black or red, for the frames of the actual windows. While the cabinetry remains white, the windows are another bold color.

Flat Face

White is already a very contemporary color choice. It is sleek and clean, and it fits right in with a modern design. Designers in new York have cultivated that visual aesthetic even further by removing almost all rivets and textures in the cabinets. The cabinets are almost entirely flat. When all the cabinets are closed, it can look just like a wall. Small grooves between each of the cabinets will stick out, and give it a very subtle grid-like quality.

Black Stain Wood

White Kitchen Cabinets in Kennett Square PA are exquisite and sleek when they are pure white, a nice deep contrast could really illuminate the details. One design idea is to have the face of the cabinets remain white. But, the designer may border the kitchen cabinets with black stain wood. The duality between black and white is stunning. The use of wood is not exactly contemporary, which is its own great idea. But, the black color really lights up the entire room and makes the set-up a sheer spectacle. The black stain border could be around each separate cabinet or around a whole set of cabinets.

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