When to Look for Commercial Roofing Services in Honolulu

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Roofing

For business and other commercial property owners, property maintenance is an important responsibility. Although the weather is typically quite mild, the summer sun and winter rains still take their toll on buildings. Since a building’s first defense against the weather is its roof, regularly checking for damage to this structure should be a routine task for owners.

In comparison to residential buildings, commercial roofs often require more frequent repairs. The size of the structure directly impacts the potential for damage. To make up for the size discrepancy, the materials used in commercial roofing are typically more hardy than their residential counterparts. However, this does not decrease the need for vigilance. Those who own larger buildings need to be even more aware of the common early warning signs. Should business owners notice early signs of deterioration, they can seek a contractor providing commercial roofing services in Honolulu to prevent further, potentially much more costly, damage.

If any employees or the business owner him- or herself has begun to notice active leaks, this is a bad sign. A few small leaks can be repaired easily by a skilled contractor, but if it is an ongoing problem it may indicate a need for a roof redesign. As commercial roofs age, water sometimes begins to pool on them, weakening the moisture barrier in those areas. Often after several years of inattention, this can lead to more significant damage. If there is noticeable sagging in any area of the roof that can be seen from the outside, this is a very bad sign. In taller buildings it can be difficult to evaluate whether water damage such as spots on ceiling panels are occurring due to leaks in the roof, or plumbing issues. If at all unsure, it’s best to play it safe and check the roof for signs of damage.

Given the amount of overall maintenance work that goes into a commercial building, many owners find that it is convenient to hire general contractors that are experienced and capable in a variety of areas. If the same company can repair the roof, repaint your exterior walls, and provide general design consultations, it can eliminate some of the hassle of hiring more specialized contractors. Click here to find out more about Commercial Roofing Services in Honolulu and the other services provided by roofing and general maintenance contractors.

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