What Should You Look For In An IKEA Delivery Service?

If you’ve decided to buy IKEA furniture, there’s no better resource to transport (and, in some cases, even assemble) it than an IKEA delivery service! However, you can’t trust this job to just any company. You’ve invested money and consideration into your purchase. You deserve an IKEA delivery service that will put as much care into bringing your items to you as you did in selecting them for your home. Before you pick out an IKEA delivery service to handle your new furniture, here are a few elements to keep in mind as you shop around.

How Long Have They Been Around?

Generally, long-running services are experienced and trustworthy. If you come across an IKEA delivery service that has been around for five years or more, you know they’ve dedicated the time to streamlining their work and can perform efficiently. By now, they have also likely built up a steady client base. This should leave an ample amount of reviews to read through so you can get an even better feel for their reputation.

How Do They Transport Furniture?

If you’re visiting an IKEA delivery service in person, don’t be afraid to ask more about their transport vehicles. These same vehicles are what will likely be used to move your IKEA furniture to your home. As you check out their vehicles, keep an eye out for some of the basic markers of quality. Look for signs of wear and maintenance. You want a company that keeps its vehicles maintained and in good condition. This will ensure your furniture gets to you safely.

What Other Amenities do They Offer?

Just because many IKEA delivery services also handle assembly doesn’t mean all of them do. Be sure to ask whether or not the IKEA delivery service you’re considering also offers assembly, especially if you don’t plan to handle that part yourself!


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