What Is the Job of a Hardscape Installer in Farmington, CT?

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Hardscaping is a subsection of landscaping as a whole. Landscaping as a whole deal with practically everything that happens with the outside of your house as well as your yard. Hardscaping deals specifically with the manmade elements of your yard; typically, they are made of stone, brick, concrete, and other very durable materials. That’s why it is called hardscaping. If you think you need some kind of update to your yard, you might need a hardscape installer. They can create structures that would otherwise be impossible due to soil erosion.

Retaining Walls and Flower Boxes

Retaining walls and flower boxes are some of the most common structures built by a hardscape installer in Farmington, CT. Retaining walls are popular because they allow you to build a level yard, even if other parts of your home are not level. For example, if your driveway slopes downwards into your basement, you might have a yard that also slopes downwards. However, if you want your yard to be level, a professional can install a retaining wall. The wall will serve as a wall that will hold up your yard. Furthermore, if you want to make sure you are utilizing your yard space, you might have flower or vegetable boxes installed.

You should check our website today to see what kind of flower box you can get for your yard. Raised bed gardening is often preferable because you can then use any type of potting soil you want. You can also ensure that it drains freely. You have much more control over that aspect than just gardening in the ground.

The Look

A hardscape installer can work with you to design the right look for your hardscaping as well. There are large stones that provide a different look than much smaller bricks. Each has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to draining, erosion, and aesthetics.

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