What is the best method of ant control?

If you are having problems with armies of ants invading your home, you need to rid your home of them fast and safely. When you have this problem and you need to choose a natural Sacramento ant control product, look for one which is safe for humans and pets, as well as one which is inexpensive and proven to be effective. If you get at ridding your home of ants quickly, many of the repellants that you need are probably in your kitchen cupboard.

Natural Sacramento ant control can be done with herbs and spices which you probably have. Examples are black and cayenne pepper, rosemary and mint. All you have to do is to sprinkle any of these products near the doors of your home where you think the ants are entering. There are also soaps and various cleansing products that contain these ingredients, they are ideal for scrubbing cabinets and floors where the ants may attempt to hide.

Another excellent natural control method for ants is to make a mixture of vinegar and water, put it in a spray bottle and spray anywhere where you have seen evidence of ants or where you think they may be. This solution is an ideal companion for your household cleaning chores as it can thwart all kinds of bugs that may be in your home. It has an acrid odor but this can be eliminated by adding essential oils to the mixture. There are some people who believe that a chalk line drawn across their natural pathway will thwart them, this can best be done outdoors if you can identify their means of entry.

Sacramento ant control can also be impacted by landscaping options. Cedar chips and cedar patio furniture are natural repellants as are certain plants. Previously mentioned were mint and rosemary, grow these herbs in your garden; you can also plant tansy, rue and pennyroyal, all of which repel not only ants, but mosquitoes and fleas as well.

Many commercial pest control companies use a Sacramento ant control that is also produced from natural ingredients, it is just stronger due to the concentration of ingredients. If your homemade remedies do not do the job, do not hesitate to call on professionals to rid your home of the problem.

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