What Is a Home Improvement Contractor?

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Home Improvement

Interested in doing a bit of remodeling around your Jacksonville, FL, home? While there is a lot that you can do on your own, many projects are best left to those with significant experience – a home improvement contractor, for instance. What is a home improvement contractor, though? How do you choose the right one?

Understanding What a Contractor Is

When you hear the word “contractor,” the chances are good that you think construction. When you hear the words “home remodeling,” you probably don’t equate it with construction. That’s because a lot of this may not require any particular skill set or experience. For instance, hanging curtains is technically a type of improvement, and it can be done by anyone with the right tools.

However, contractors do play a vital role in the home remodeling/home improvement sector. This is because larger jobs and projects require the skills and talents of an expert. For example, while it is within the realm of possibility that you could install new kitchen cabinets on your own, the chances are good that you’re going to hire a contractor to do it instead. Why? They’re more experienced at it, they have the tools needed, and they have a team of seasoned professionals that can help them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that anyone claiming to be a contractor should be hired. In fact, it pays to be a little bit choosy here. What should you use to make your decision?

License – One of the first things to consider is whether or not the contractor is licensed. If they’re not licensed, find another option. If they claim to be licensed, but cannot provide proof, find another contractor.

Portfolio – Having a license does not mean that a contractor is capable of achieving what you want to be done in the way of home remodeling. You’ll want to see proof of past projects. Pictures and video footage will suffice, but if you can see it in person and speak with the other homeowner(s), that’s even better.

Contracted – The term contractor implies that you will sign an actual written contract with the professional, but not all contractors are willing to put the work arrangement in writing. Insist on this. If you have no contract, you have no proof of what was agreed on for the project.

Ultimately, you need to take your time and find the right professional to handle your home remodeling. Compare past projects, ask for licensure and quotes, and make sure that they are willing to sign a contract.

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