What Are Misting Systems

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On those hot days when the temperature and humidity soar, everyone at work and play simply wants to cool down. Among many individuals, there is often mention of what are called misting systems. If you have a patio or operate a winery, you have probably heard of misting systems. Increasingly, they are finding their ways into a wide variety of applications, including heavy industrial work such as construction.

What Are Misting Systems?

Misting systems is sometimes used interchangeably with fog systems – although several experts carefully delineate between the two. They utilize fans, pumps (high or low pressure), nozzles (of diverse sizes and types) and water misters. In this manner, they act as a way through which industries, residential home owners and those who operate commercial businesses can control the level of humidity on their premises.

As a means of cooling the atmosphere or environment down, misting systems are prized as being both effective and efficient. Overall, they operate to cool down whatever climate they are installed in. Outdoors or indoor applications make them versatile. The range in prices and the overall impact on productivity and pleasurable enjoyment, make them very cost-effective. It is important, however, that the right type of misting system be selected. It must suit the job if it is to be effective.

What Are Misting Systems Used For?

Water misting systems are used in a variety of different applications. As noted above, they are commonly employed to reduce the amount of humidity. This allows employee inside factories, as well as propel sitting on patios, to enjoy the weather without becoming overheated. Yet, misting systems can be deployed in other situations. In fact, temperature and humidity control is only one small component of their job description. They can be used for any and all of the following:

* Evaporative cooling
* Dust control
* Dust suppression
* Static control
* Disinfection equipment
* Contaminant reduction
* Order control
* Special effects

Misting Systems are truly versatile in its application. As a result, it can be successfully employed in various situations and conditions. It can cool small or large patios as well as immense warehouses. When properly chosen and installed, they can result in many benefits to employees, clients and products.

Misting Systems

While we may be familiar with the use of misting systems to create special effects or to cool down a patio of a restaurant, it is becoming increasingly apparent that they are capable of providing increased benefits in a variety of industries. Whether installed in an ammunition factory or on a construction site, misting systems are proving they can deliver what is required of them – including protection of both employee and the environmental, in a cost-effective manner.

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