When You Should Call For AC Service In Aledo TX

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

No one wants to have to hire someone to come to their home to fix something.  It usually costs a lot of money and there is always the nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that it is going to take forever to get your appliance fixed and be really inconvenient.  However, sometimes you just have to do it and getting a small problem fixed early can save you from destroying the appliance completely which will certainly cost you more money in the long run.  There are a few indicators that it is time to call for AC service in Aledo TX.

Obviously, if your air conditioner has stopped cooling the air altogether it is definitely time to get the repairman in.  Obviously, this is the worst time to have to call because you have no options but to have them come immediately even if it is a weekend or a holiday, which might mean you are paying extra for a service call not to mention that you might have to go for a day or so without any air conditioning and at some points in the summer, that could be extremely serious.   Chances are, however, there were earlier signs and you ignored them.  Here are a few that are less obviously, but still important.

If your air conditioner is just not blowing out as much air as it has in the past, this might be just a matter of some debris building up in the ducts and a simple duct cleaning will take care of the problem.  Not getting this fixed, however, could lead to more serious problems down the road.  Also, if you see any leaks of any sort of liquid (other than water) around your air conditioner, this is not a good sign and you should have it checked immediately.  Oil leakage could mean that the friction inside your system is going to be increasing and parts are going to be overheating.  Refrigerant leakage is also an issue because that is what allows the air to cool down as it is supposed to.  It takes a licensed technician to be able to measure the amount of refrigerant in your system and also refill it, so that is something you definitely need an AC service in Aledo TX for.  Also, if the air is just not as cool as it used to be it could be an indicator that you need your refrigerant refilled.

Also, strange noises and smells are also indicative of the fact that something is not right in your air conditioning system.  Yearly maintenance will help prevent these problems so having that sort of AC service in Aledo TX is a good idea.

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