How to Choose a Home Builder

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Home Improvement

Congratulations on deciding to build a new home. That decision is just the first of many that will be on your long list to make in the coming months. Before you can choose what color carpeting to place in your living room, you need to have somebody build the house first. Choosing the correct builder is a big decision for you and your family. Where can you find home builders in New Canaan CT to hire? What do you ask in order to determine who is the best match for you?

Analyze the Style
The first thing to do when choosing a builder is to see what style of house they build the most. Do they have a specialty, such as cape cods? Log homes? Ranch structures? The home builders in New Canaan CT that you work with need to match the style of house you want to live in. To find out what style of houses they specialize in, look at an online portfolio on their website or see if they have one in an office you can review. If after looking at several pictures, you don’t see an exterior that you like, it might be a sign this builder isn’t a great match for you. If you love all of them, then you have a great match.

View the Portfolio
The exterior of the house is important, but so is the interior of the house. When you are meeting with home builders in New Canaan CT, review their portfolio of interiors as well. Does the kitchen design they do most often fit what your family needs? Do the floor plans look like they flow well with how many children you have that use the stairs and the hallway? The pictures of the inside of the house are just as important as the ones of the outside to review and see if the style is a match.

Check the References
When the interior and exterior pictures both look like good matches, then it is time to ask for some more specific questions. Sure, the price and the timeline are important, but you want to verify their answers with some previous clients. Did they finish within the stated budget as they claim? Was the house finished in the time estimate that they were given? Were they satisfied with the job that was done on their house and would they use them again?

Make sure to call a few of the customer numbers they give you as references. After all, you are spending a lot of money to have this house built, you want to make sure it is someone reputable that will be performing the work, on time and within the budget you have stated at the beginning of the project.


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