Avoid Home Damage and Unwanted Insects with Gutter cleaning Olympia

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Home Improvement

Being a homeowner comes with a wide range of duties to the exterior integrity of the home. Keeping the home aesthetically pleasing is important, but there are other factors of the exterior which have both aesthetic needs and safety needs. One element of the exterior of any home which must be maintained are the gutters. Many homeowners wouldn’t think about gutter maintenance until a malfunction occurred requiring gutter repair. However, proper Gutter cleaning Olympia can end up saving any homeowner tons of money in repair and potentially replacement.

Many homeowners wouldn’t think that a clogged gutter can cause disastrous consequences in other areas of the home. However, a clogged gutter can cause a lot of damage to other areas of the home, including basements and foundations. If a gutter is clogged, water from the roof can start to pool and accumulate around the home’s foundation. Such accumulation of water can not only lead to cracks in the foundation, but are very likely to cause leaks in the basement portion of the home. Such leaks can cause damage to walls, carpets, and personal items. Most basement water problems actually come from clogged gutters. Additionally, avoiding proper Gutter cleaning Olympia can lead to problems with the roof of the home. In many cases clogged gutters will have debris from trees or other natural sources, which can exceed the shingle line of the home’s roof. In this case, the debris will hold moisture and can lead to the rotting of the wooden layers of the roof. Such rotting can be very expensive to repair or replace. The same debris which can cause rotting, can also be an ideal living space for mice. Also, collection pools of water that may be caused by excess debris, can be an ideal area for mosquitoes and other insects to live and multiply.

Anything from water damage, to rotten wood, to creating ideal living conditions for insects and rodents can be avoided by a proper Gutter cleaning Olympia. Not only will clean gutters look better on the exterior of the home, but clean gutters can also save a homeowner thousands of dollars.


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