Tips For Keeping Your Area Rug Clean

Depending on the size of your area rug, you may or may not dread any cleaning that needs to be done with it. No matter what size your area rug is, it will likely need some sort of cleaning at some point. Smaller rugs can luckily be taken care of rather easily, although special care should be taken with area rugs that may be antique or handmade. If you have an exceptionally large area rug, you may wish to approach its care as you would any normal home carpet. Keeping area rugs in Burlington Vermont clean should not be overly difficult if you take care with what you do on them. Here are some tips to help you keep your rug clean.

First, when you make your area rug purchase you should gather all the information that you can about it. Getting documentation on the specifics of your rug and how to clean it will help you a lot later. It will also help if you decide to hire a professional to clean your rug. Many professionals might know how to clean your rug anyway, but having extra information to help them doesn?t hurt.

Many area rugs in Burlington Vermont can be taken care of mostly through vacuuming. You should be able to remove most dirt and other particles just through simple vacuuming. You?ll want to check your manufacturer?s directions to make sure you don?t accidentally put too much pressure on the rug when vacuuming. Also remember to take care around loose threads and fringe.

If you have pets, getting pet hair out of your area rug can seem like a pain. If vacuuming doesn?t get rid of the pet hair you can usually find a stiff brush to do the job. Brush your carpet in the direction of the nap to really get the hair out of it.

Most rugs will fade over time from natural wear, tear, and exposure to light. To keep the wear on your area rug even you might consider turning it one or two times a year.

You can always check to see if dry cleaning is an option for your rug and it is small enough. You should always take care to follow label and manufacturer?s directions when deciding to deep clean your area rugs.

Keeping your area rugs in Burlington Vermont clean might seem like a large task, but if you vacuum your rug regularly and follow the manufacturer?s instructions, you should be able to stay on top of it. When in doubt, consult a professional.


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