Can You Do Your Own Garage Door Repairs in Fontana?

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Many homeowners have garages, and with that comes garage doors. There will eventually come a time when garage doors will be in need of repairs, so you may wonder if it’s possible to do so yourself. Simple things are certainly possible, though in many cases it may be wiser to call in a professional, particularly if you are unsure of exactly how to do what needs doing. Below are some common issues that require repairs.

As many garage doors are made of steel, they are prone to becoming dented. This is cosmetically unattractive plus can lead to rusting if the dent also involved any scratching. Fixing these dents can be done on your own, though must be done carefully and thoroughly. It will also require repainting in the end, so you will need a way to color match, or simply repaint the entire door. The steps involved begin with cleaning the door thoroughly using a detergent and then rinsing and allowing it to dry. The area must be sanded with a rough sandpaper to create an area that a special filler material can bond to. Dent filling compounds can be found at hardware stores. The spot is then filled, allowed to dry, then sanded smooth. Repainting is the last step.

You can also attempt to provide your own routine tune-up repairs to your garage door, though this is a potentially dangerous undertaking. It will require certain precautions to keep you safe. This is another area where a professional may be more desirable, as they are trained in these procedures and know how to do them safely. Maintenance repairs often consist of things such as tightening any nuts and bolts, though you must be careful to not over tighten, which can lead to the stripping of bolts. Another task may be to check the balance of your garage door. A well balanced door will be able to hold itself in a halfway open position without falling or rising. If either of these events do occur, the springs are likely in need of repair. This is not something you should attempt on your own given the tension the springs can be under, so now would be the time to call in a professional.

For automatic garage doors, lubrication of the pulling chain and the springs is important. This extends the life of both, reduces noise, and prevents corrosion of the metal. The opener chain (or screw) is usually treated with spray-on white lithium grease. Use caution not to inhale fumes. The springs should be lubricated with something like WD-40. Spray very thoroughly without removing any excess. Doing this extends spring life and helps to keep things running smoothly. A last thing to check is the weather seal that runs along the bottom of the garage door. If it appears brittle or worn, it needs to be repaired with a new weather strip.





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