A Look At Roofing In Rochester

by | May 3, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Companies that provide their customers with roofing in Rochester specialize in assessing a person?s roof to determine the best course of action for repairs. Some roofs may only need a few repairs, such as the replacement of several shingles in a localized area on the roof. Other roofs, however, may need comprehensive repairs to ensure the longevity of the roof in the future. Roofs can be recovered, or they can be replaced entirely. When a roof needs to be replaced, many roofing companies also provide roof tear-down services to strip the home of its old roofing. This can include the disposal of the old roofing, and it can be included as part of the initial quote provided by the roofing company if requested.

Recovering a roof is the process of attaching new shingles over existing sheeting. Some shingles may be left in place, but usually all shingles are replaced as part of the recovering process. Roofing customers can choose to replace their roofing with the same style of shingles that were used previously, or they can choose to purchase a new style of shingles. They may decide to upgrade the type of asphalt shingles used, such as moving to laminate shingles from the three-tab variety.

In some situations, it may necessary to replace the sheeting on the roof before new shingles can be attached. For example, tile shingles may need to use sheeting made out of a different kind of material than the sheeting used for asphalt shingles. Cedar roofs can be installed on a type of sheeting that does not cover the entire roof, while asphalt roofs may need to be completely supported by a single layer. Sheeting used on a roof is frequently made out of plywood. When a roof is recovered by a company that offers roofing Rochester, the contractors may discover the wood is damaged or warped. If moisture seeps into the plywood, it can become damp. This eventually can lead to the wood rotting. Should this happen, roofers can replace the damaged pieces of plywood sheeting.

The type of repairs a roof needs may depend on the age of the roof. If a roof is older and it looks like it may frequently need repairs in the future, it may be a good idea to go ahead and completely replace the roof. When customers purchase new roofing in Rochester, they can use the opportunity to make their roofs last for many years to come.


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