Three Things You Should Know About Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

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When most people think about updating their bathroom, they will simply thing of function over form and not really consider other options when it comes to looks. They may think that “it’s just a bathroom”, but what they may not realize is that the bathroom can be a huge selling point, can bring a lot of value to their homes and can be extremely impressive to guests. By looking at your bathroom and adding something special, like wall mount bathroom faucets, you will really be able to make your bathroom one of the best rooms in your house.

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets Give You a Unique Look

You might have noticed that most bathrooms have sink mounted faucets and not wall mounted. Though you may see wall mounted in commercial areas, like restaurants, in the home, they can be a great choice as well. They will give your bathroom a very unique look and will certainly be a conversation starter among guests. You will find that there are many out there to choose from, so even if you don’t want to add other fixtures, you will be able to find something that matches your existing decor.

Logistics is Usually the Main Consideration

Another thing that you should know about wall mount faucets is that you will need to think about logistics. If you choose a wall mounted faucet, you will need to have your plumbing extended and will need to drill into the wall. You may also need to get a new sink as many have holes already built in for sink mounted faucets.

What About Cost?

In almost all cases, you will find that wall mounted faucets are no more expensive than sink mounted faucets. You may find, however, that they will take more time to install as you will need to take into account the extension of the pipes. If you are installing this faucet on your own, you will likely not incur any other cost than you would with other faucets, but if a contractor takes on the project, you may, so ask around if you are on a tight budget.

These are the main things that you will need to know about wall mount faucets for the bathroom. For more information on these faucets, contact a trusted retailer.

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