How to repair a window air conditioner

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Many people are fortunate to live in a home which is well shaded by trees or extremely well insulated. Homes like this often can get away with using window air conditioners rather than a central unit which will cool parts of the house that don?t need it. Window units are very efficient for what they are but they can fail and when they do, A/C repair in Sacramento is a must. Many times a person may be heard complaining that his window air conditioner just doesn?t cool the way it did when it was new. Although it may need professional A/C repair in Sacramento, perhaps the problem can be fixed with a little cleaning.

A window air conditioner can run many hours of the day without anyone giving it much thought until the realization occurs that it?s not cool anymore, or certainly not as cool as it used to be. Let?s have a look at trying to solve the problem at minimum expense.

  • Preparation: Remove the power cord from the source and remove the air conditioner from the window or hole that it is fixed into. Place the unit on a sturdy work surface and remove the front grill of the unit. Depending upon the manufacturer, the front grill may be held with clips or screws.
  • Filter: There will be a mesh filter that is part of the front grill; this filter covers the fins of the evaporator coil. Most filters can be cleaned with warm water and soap, once the filter is clean, gently rinse it with clear water and set it aside to dry naturally.
  • Mold: Usually when you do A/C repair in Sacramento, there will be some evidence of mold, this can be in the filter itself or in the drip pan which is part of the air conditioning cabinet. Wherever the mold is spotted, a mixture of warm water and bleach will remove it and sanitize the surface.
  • Vacuum: A shop-vac with a brush is ideal for this task. Vacuum the evaporator coils, remove all evidence of dust and dirt. Turn the unit around and do the same thing to the second set of coils, these are the condenser coils. Use the vacuum to clean the fan blades and any other surface you can get to. Be very careful when you clean the coils as the aluminum fins are easy to bend, they are quite fragile. If you do bend them, buy a fin comb to straighten them with, this is much more effective than trying to straighten them any other way.

Replace the filter and the front grill and perhaps with some assistance, replace the unit back into its normal position and you?re A/C repair in Sacramento is complete. Once it is back, plug it in and you should find a pleasant change.

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