A Quick Guide to Emergency Water Restoration

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

There are few things that can strike fear into the heart of a homeowner quite like a flood. While wind and fire are equally damaging and threatening, water has a potential unlike any of the other possible dangers. Everyone desires to have a home of their own where they can make their own rules and make their own decisions. One of those decisions that must be made is purchasing homeowners insurance.

While this policy will cover a plethora of issues, the majority of insurance policies do not cover flood damage. This comes as a surprise to many people. The damage that comes from rising water can be breath taking. Water has the ability to remove trees, discard cars and trucks; water can even remove your home from its foundation. If all of this wasn’t enough, water also leaves behind a trail of broken dreams. The damage that comes from this natural disaster is long lasting and many times it can be unseen. In order to properly recover after a watery disaster it is important that you take advantage of the water restoration service in your local area.

Water restoration does not mean that your water supply is going to be restored. Water restoration is a reference to the work that it takes to properly restore your home to its pre-disaster days. One of the hidden dangers of water damage is the mold and mildew that can and will collect in your home. Everywhere that water is present, mold and mildew will begin to grow. This means that in order for your home to be properly restored you will need to have everything removed and discarded. Many people are unaware of this step. Too often people are willing to dry their carpets and their furniture but they never realize that these pieces are harboring a dangerous poison called mold. Anything that becomes wet in a flood is a potential carrier of mold. In an effort to clean up your home, a water restoration crew needs to be called in so that they can thoroughly disinfect your home.

Another reason for hiring a water restoration crew is for debris removal. Water has tremendous power and it can deposit large items in your yard or around your home. if there are fallen trees or power lines then you need to have a professional crew handle the issues. In addition to these issues, what are you going to do about the silt and mud that are left behind? Water always carries dirt and once the water level drops, the silt and mud will cover everything from your home to your yard. Water restoration crews are capable of properly cleaning and removing all of these potential dangers.

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