Upholstery Cleaning Secrets To Get Rid Of Stains

If you have upholstered furniture in your home, which most of us do, you are going to have to deal with stains, spills and normal wear and tear that will occur. Everyone loves a clean home and clean furniture as well. There are a few upholstery cleaning secrets that can help you get rid of stains when they occur and we are going to discuss a few of those in this article.

If the fabric of your upholstery is synthetic you should have no problem getting rid of stains that may occur on your own. If the fabric is a natural/synthetic mix however you should always test a small portion of the fabric before trying to remove any stain to make sure that you will not be causing more harm than good by attempting to remove it.

When removing a stain from your upholstered furniture you should always use as little water as possible because moisture is not your friend when it comes to upholstery. If you let too much water seep into your furniture, you will likely have a mold issue on your hands before long.

Many times upholstery sprays can work to help you remove stains but not all of them will be safe with your particular furniture. Again, it is best to test a spot first to make sure it will work well with your upholstery.

One little known secret to cleaning stains off of upholstered furniture is to use a baby wipe. These little things are surprisingly very affective at removing most any stain off of upholstery. They have the right amount of soap and water in them to deliver in a big way. Another good thing about using baby wipes to clean your upholstery is that they are gentle and evaporate quickly.

Coffee stains can be removed easily from your upholstered furniture by using a small amount of dish soap combined with water and vinegar. Dab a mixture of all three and you will soon find the coffee stain has disappeared!

If you have children you will probably have to clean crayon off of most everything in your house at one time or the other, your upholstered furniture perhaps too. A good way to remove crayon stain from your furniture is to use a non-gel toothpaste and rub it gently on the surface where the stain is. All you need to do next is to wipe the remains off with a damp cloth. It is as simple as that! I bet you never knew you had upholstery cleaner in your bathroom cabinet!

If your sofa or loveseat gets soiled with grease or oil, you can sprinkle salt and cornstarch on the spot to remove it. Rub in this mixture and then brush it off and wipe with a damp cloth.


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