Making Over Your Home with Help from Painters in Deerfield

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Home And Garden

There are few things you can do to your home that make a bigger difference in its appearance than painting. With the right selection of colors, you can transform both the interior and exterior into something completely new. With new paint technologies, texturing, and color selection methods you can completely redo the look and even the feel of your home and Painter Deerfield can help make it happen.

When it comes to exterior painting, the general rule is to select three colors; one for the main body of the house, one a few shades off from that for a nice complimentary trim, and a third color you can use to highlight accents like shutters, or windows. Now it’s true that knowing that formula is a lot different than picking out the actual colors for your makeover, but Painting Deerfield will be more than happy to have one of their color consultants work closely with to determine what choices will make your home “pop” and be the envy of your neighbors.

Color selections for interior painting can be very tricky since certain colors can evoke particular feelings and emotions. You wouldn’t, for instance, take an already small area and paint it a dark color which would make it seem even smaller. The right selection of colors can add a brightness and warmth to your home and with the use of various textures, it can make for an elegant touch. Once again, Painter in Deerfield can provide direction and guidance in choosing the exact combination of elements to achieve your design objective.

In the age of going “Green”, it’s a wise move to seek out a painting company that is environmentally conscious. Using paints with low or even zero volatile organic compound levels or VOCs is a good start. It’s one way to keep the air quality in your home healthier.

Repainting with the help of Painter Deerfield can improve the comfort levels of your home, inside and out. It allows you to make your individual mark and let it reflect your tastes, your style, and your personality. Increasing your home’s curb appeal as well as making the interior more welcoming is always a win-win scenario. Visit Castino Painting & Home Services that offers excellent painting services for your home.


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