Walk-in Freezers For Your Business

Walk-in freezers are in use in many different commercial and industrial enterprises. As such, they are available in any size, including an entire factory floor. Walk-in freezers in California can be found in many environments including food processing, food service, supermarkets, and hospitals to name a few.

Types of walk-in freezers:

There are two types of walk-in freezers in California; a complete purpose-built building and those that are built in an existing structure. Most are constructed using pre-fabricated insulated panels that are made to suit the requirements of the product and the site. Pre-fabricated walk-in freezers have benefits that a purpose-built structure does not, chief amongst them is the fact that the unit can be expanded with a minimum of difficulty, and the entire unit can be dismantled, moved to a new site, and re-erected.

The building blocks of a walk-in freezer:

Although there are different types and different manufacturers of walk-in freezers, the basics are the same. A walk-in freezer is a sophisticated insulated box, cooled by integral components. There are very few components in a walk-in freezer: the walls, floor, ceiling, doors, and the refrigeration equipment.

  • The panels: Pre-designed and pre-fabricated wall panels are made to suit. The panels have a core of polystyrene or polyurethane, which is sandwiched between sheets. The thickness of the panel and the insulating material used depends on the operating conditions. Quality insulation with a high R-value ensures efficient operation and minimum temperature loss.
  • Doors: Many different types of doors can be used. The door choice depends on the space available, the speed of operation, and ease of access. Doors can be equipped with electric operators and sensors that open and close the door as materials handling equipment approaches.
  • Refrigeration: There are peak times for freezer operation and access. Refrigeration equipment is sized to ensure perfect performance at the lowest possible energy cost.

Technological changes have an impact on walk-in freezers in California. The advent of energy efficient LED lighting, for example, cuts energy costs and eliminates the heat generated by incandescent lamps.

TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction are the leaders in walk-in freezers in California. With over 50 years experience, TKS can take your project from conception to completion.

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