Use Experienced Commercial Roofing Contractors Near Madison WI For the Best Roofing Solution Possible

A failing roof can cause a lot of damage, and it isn’t always to the building itself. For instance, a leak in a flat or low-sloped roof can destroy the underlying decking, but it can also allow water inside the structure that affects employees, visitors, and inventory. Sometimes, the solution is easier than people realize, especially if the roof is covered using BUR (built-up roofing). BUR is a multiple layered roofing solutions made from asphalt and roofing felt or a similar membrane. Commercial Roofing Contractors near Madison WI can repair it with quick and easy patches or through resurfacing.

One problem that many commercial applications encounter with BUR is the constant need for maintenance. BUR is easily damaged when people walk on the roofing, and this can happen whenever technicians need to check comfort appliances, lighting issues or the roof itself. Alternatives to this roofing solution may resolve these issues. Options include PVC (polyvinyl chloride), TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer).

PVC and TPO are polymer sheets. They are designed to cover the roof completely, and all seams are welded using automated tools. This results in a strong, durable bond and very little chance of leakage. Both products are long-lasting and easily repaired should damage occur. EPDM is a synthetic rubber membrane that gets stretched tightly over the building. It too provides a durable roofing option, but it requires expert commercial Roofing Contractors near Madison WI when installing the membrane because EPDM may shrink in certain conditions. Discussing these options with the contractor will make it easier to decide on the one for the building in question.

Keep in mind that other factorss can affect the roof including the purpose of the building. Commercial buildings that are strictly office space may do well with BUR while structures used for industrial purposes may need something more reliable. If there are chemicals or corrosive exhaust issues, then it may be necessary to consider another alternative such as steel. Steel roofing is not usually applied to low-sloped roofs, but a little construction can adapt the roof top hold it and allow drainage. Steel can be purchased with either zinc or zinc-aluminum galvanizing for long term protection. It can also have a colorful, fluoropolymer-based paint finish. Contact the experts Yutzy Roofing Service for further details.

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