Turn the Basement Into a Dream Room With Home Remodeling Services in St. Louis County MO

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Remodeling

A home’s basement is full of potential, but many homeowners fail to realize it. Most use it for storage or ignore it completely, but that’s a serious mistake. Whether there are plans to sell and a homeowner wants to increase the home’s value, or they’re looking to increase the amount of livable space, basement remodeling is a wonderful solution.

It can be difficult to decide which direction to take, however. The kids may want a playroom, while parents may want to build a bar/entertainment area. It’s important for homeowners to consider all their options before calling for Home Remodeling Services in St. Louis County MO, but these are the three most common directions to take a basement remodeling project.

Use the Basement to Pay the Mortgage

Many of today’s basements include separate access on the side or the back of the home. If this applies, it’s easy to turn the basement into an income source. Finish the room, install the right facilities, and rent it to a tenant. Though actual income may vary, in some instances, it may pay the home’s mortgage. Finishing the basement and renting it out will help defray the cost of the remodeling job.

Create a Home Theater

Whether there’s a movie buff in the family or the kids just love Netflix, the basement is the perfect place to build a home theater. Additions such as screens, surround sound systems, and theater seating makes for a fully immersive experience, and the basement’s dark environment is perfectly suited to the task. Though a home theater may not bring in any income, it adds value and makes it a more compelling buy.

Making it a Home Office

Working from home is difficult, especially when there’s not enough space to get things done. With Home Remodeling Services in St. Louis County MO, homeowners can create home office spaces that meet their needs. Finishing the room and adding important office equipment will make it a relaxing, accessible workspace.

The basement is a surprisingly useful room, but some homeowners have trouble deciding what to do with it. Contact us by phone or go online to find out how home remodeling contractors can turn an ordinary basement into a functional space.

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