Top Signs that You May Have a Gas Leak in Your Home

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Plumbing

While gas is a great way to heat your home, heat your water, and operate your stove, it has its own hidden dangers that you need to be aware of. You have to be quite vigilant when it comes to having gas to operate your home and make sure that you have a reputable gas line service in Los Angeles area to inspect and maintain the unit and the lines. With that being said, there are some signs that you might have a gas leak in your home, read on below.

The Smell

Natural gas is piped into your home with a slight odor that can be detected. If you walk into your home and smell something that smells like rotten eggs, then it’s time to leave the house and call in a repairman to check your units and your lines. Gas is nothing to play with, and it can kill you if not taken care of right away.

The Sound

If you have a gas leak, you will hear a constant hissing sound like that of a snake coming from the appliance that has the leak. Shut off the gas and do not turn it back on until someone who is trained to handle the problem can get there and take a look for you.

Watch the Air on the Outside

If you notice the leaves or dirt and plants around your home blowing like there is a breeze and there isn’t one, you may have a gas leak. Gas leaks can sometimes blow the things around them.

These are just a few of the signs that you have a gas leak. If you expect that you do, contact the professionals at Your Plumbing Solution right away for repairs.

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