Top Reasons To Choose Vinyl Replacement Windows In Marin County

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

There is an amazing number of different window styles and manufacturers to consider when replacing existing windows in a Marin County home. In addition to just the brand and the look of the window, homeowners also need to consider the type of material used in the frames as well as the options in glass.

One of the most popular options at Northwest Exteriors for Marin County home renovations is vinyl replacement windows. There are several very good reasons to consider vinyl windows for any home renovation or window replacement project.

Energy Savings

Vinyl window frames are very energy efficient. They do not allow cool air from the inside of the home to escape as is common with old styles of wooden frames. Also, they do not warp or twist over time as wood can, so they remain energy efficient.

The new styles of double and triple pane windows with Low-E coating add to energy savings. These designs both block the heat from the exterior of the home from getting in through the window as well as prevent cold air from getting out.

Easy to Maintain

A very big plus to the choice of vinyl replacement windows is the ease of maintenance over the life of these windows. The vinyl will not peel, crack or fade like paint, and it never needs to be touched up or repainted. Simply wipe them down with a cloth when the windows are washed or as necessary.

Sound Proofing

Insulation it the frames of vinyl replacement windows, as well as the double and triple pane glass, creates an additional level of soundproofing for the interior of the home. Outside noises such as street traffic are more effectively blocked out, making your home a peaceful place to be.

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