Tips On How to Finish Hardwood Floors

by | May 23, 2017 | Flooring

When it comes to hardwood floors, they tend to resist spills because they have grains packed close to one another. However, this aspect also makes the same floors difficult to finish. While there are varieties of finishes for hardwood flooring, the one you choose will depend on the traffic it carries, how exposed it is, and how dark you need the floor to stain. If you plan to finish hardwood flooring in Charleston, SC, here are tips to do it:

Ensure you prepare the area
Remove the furniture, wall hangings, and window treatment to clear the space. Don’t drag furniture when removing them as they could scuff the floor resulting in ugly marks. Also, seal the openings including light switches, electrical outlets, and vents to prevent sawdust and stain fumes from entering in such spaces. A masking tape may be used. A hardwood floor contractor may help you in this task.

Sanding the floor
It is important that the sanding is done correct – along the grain. The grain provides a natural flow of a hardwood and when you sand it, you don’t want to damage it. It may seem an easy job to sand the wood, however, there are tactics used to ensure it is done the right way. When you are done with sanding, ensure the floor is vacuumed.

Choose and apply a stain
When choosing a stain, you need to realize that it may look a little different than the way it appears on chart. So, select one that you will love to live with. The color may soak into the wood causing it to have a faded look. Before you stain the floor, apply a sealant to prevent uneven coverage.

A hardwood finishing contractor will first apply a small area to see the outcome. This is a test patch intended to show the final result of the finish. After staining, you can wax the floor.

If you have not done hardwood floor finishing, you may want to leave that task to a contractor. The end result of hardwood flooring in Charleston, SC will depend on the products used, the workmanship, and color choices.

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