Tips For Getting The Best Price On High Output Sockets

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Lamp Repair Service

When shopping for high output sockets and lamps for large projects or to have on hand for repairs when needed, it is important to find the lowest possible price. High output or HO lamps and sockets are used anywhere that very bright light is needed over a large space.

With the new high output sockets and lamps it now possible to use the lower cost fluorescent light options even in large warehouses and on very high ceilings where the larger T8 lamps simply didn’t provide the needed light. The HO lamps can be used with both dimmers and motion detectors to add to the energy saving capacity of these types of lights. They can also last up to 24,000 hours of use, which makes them low maintenance lamps as well.

You can find HO lamps and high output sockets in many public and private building parking garages, in office buildings, laboratories and in industrial and commercial buildings. As they are increasingly more common having these lamp holders in a variety of different styles and sizes to match any repair or installation need is critical.

Buy in Bulk

While it may seem like a lot, buying high output sockets in bulk is highly cost effective. Most of the top manufacturers and suppliers will offer greatly discounted unit prices for orders of containers as opposed to buying at a local hardware or electrical supply store by the single unit.

Most of these sockets will come in cartons of 250 pieces, but with a large warehouse or parking garage project this will often provide you with the quanity you need.

Buy from a Specialized Company

Ordering from a specialized company selling high output sockets and fluorescent parts is always your best option. This allows you to have access to all the fluorescent supplies you need, and ensure everything you need comes in your order.

By placing an order through a retailer, you run the risk of having only part of the order arrive, or paying for shipping from more than one retailer, eliminating any possible cost savings you may have had.

Purchasing high output lamp holders as well as other fluorescent sockets from the manufacturer directly provides you with a warranty on the products you purchase. Buying from the manufacturer not only gives you peace of mind you are dealing with a top company, but it also allows you to have the confidence in knowing the high output sockets you buy are manufactured to the highest possible standards.


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