Tips For Buying A Backup Generator That Suits Your Needs

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Electrical

As reliable as the power grid is in the US, it can and does fail periodically. As a homeowner you can either sit in the dark or eat a cold supper or you can investigate which of the generators in Chicago that are commercially available are right for your circumstances.

There are two types of generators in Chicago that are an attractive investment for the homeowner; one type is portable, the other is stationary. A portable generator can be stored in the garage when not in use; a stationary unit sits outdoors and is designed to automatically start in the event of a mains power failure. Portable generators typically use a small gasoline engine while many stationary generators run off propane or natural gas; this type of fuel gives them unlimited running time.

How to choose the right one:

The entire selection process boils down to what you want to power in the event of a power failure. If it is important that you operate air conditioners or an electric oven then of course, you will need a larger capacity unit.

When you opt for a stationary unit it is best to install a transfer switch at the same time. This switch connects the generator to your house circuit box, it totally eliminates the need to drag extension cords all over the place; it also protects the appliances and the generator from damage when the primary power returns.

Be safe:

Don’t try to power too many appliances; this will simply trip the circuit breaker. Always determine in advance what you want to power, add up the accumulated wattages and this is what you need to buy. If you opt for a portable unit running on gasoline, take care where it is placed. To avoid any possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, keep the generator well away from the house, never run it indoors, even if it’s in the garage with the door open, it still poses a serious hazard.

Stationary generators are becoming increasingly important because homes are becoming more and more tied to electricity. These units are typically rated 5,000 watts and up. A standby generator can power numerous hardwired items in the home; this eliminates the need for extension cords. Many run on natural gas or propane which not only lets them operate for unlimited hours, the danger associated with liquid fuel is eliminated. Some are so sophisticated that they periodically self-diagnose, letting the homeowner know that service is required.

If you are considering various types of generators in Chicago you will be impressed with the Generac stationary models supplied, installed and maintained by Penco Generators, Inc.

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