Three Types of Baseboard Moulding Santa Clara

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Home Improvement

When it comes to interior design and remodeling, baseboards are often one of the most overlooked and least mentioned components. However, baseboards play a big part in the final aesthetics of the room. In addition, they also protect the corner where the wall and the floor meet from traffic damage from vacuum cleaners, shoes, scuffs, and others. We can help you find the baseboard moulding in Santa Clara that you need for your project.

MDF Baseboards

MDF baseboards are popular among home renovators. MDF’s biggest attraction is its low cost and ease of installation. Less expensive than wood, MDF’s low cost can make a big difference if you need to be economical while installing hundreds of feet of baseboards around your house.

Primed FJ Pine

Primed FJ pine, or finger-jointed pine, is a type of real wood baseboards. Short pieces of pine wood are joined together to create long baseboards. The wood grains are not continuous and as one grain ends, another grain can be seen.


Even though hardwood baseboards are more expensive than MDF or primed FJ pine baseboards, the natural beauty of the wood grain is preserved by staining and sealing the wood. You can enjoy the natural beauty of one continuous length of wood without any joints, glue, or paint.

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Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, vendor, or distributors, we will work with you to help you find the supplies and materials you need to complete your project. Here at FMD Distributor, we have a large array of different baseboard moulding in Santa Clara to meet your needs. Call today or contact us at for questions, details, or to request a quote.

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