Three Steps to Protect Your Oriental Rug

An oriental rug is a huge investment for many homeowners. Antique and one-of-a-kind Persian rugs often cost thousands of dollars, and it’s important that you use proper cleaning and preservation methods in order to keep the rug from becoming damaged or worn. The care you put into your carpet will help it maintain its’ original integrity and hold onto its’ monetary worth for years to come. While you can perform oriental carpet maintenance on your own, it’s important to use a professional for oriental rug cleaning in The Woodlands, TX area when you need a deep cleaning.

Keep It Out of the Sunlight

If you’re looking for an area rug for an outdoor patio area, it’s better to go with something cheaper. Sunlight can quickly fade an oriental rug, and if the weaver used natural substances to dye the yarn, it will fade even faster. It’s also a good idea to keep your rug away from windows that will provide intense, direct sunlight onto the carpet at any point in the day. If you must have your rug exposed to sunlight, turn it frequently so that it will fade evenly and not affect how the rug looks.

Spot Clean as Needed

When it comes to rug cleaning in The Woodlands, TX, oriental carpet owners should focus on spot cleaning and occasional vacuuming, but never use an industrial carpet cleaner or store-bought carpet cleaner. The process to clean a Persian rug is different than cleaning a regular home carpet. Professional oriental carpet cleaners use an immersion process that allows the fibers to soak up cold water and fully clean out dirt and dust. If your rug gets a small spill on it or some dirt, use cool water to spot clean and then arrange to have the carpet professionally cleaned every couple of years.

Reposition throughout the Year

Unless you’re placing your oriental carpet in a room that’s off limits to visitors, family, and pets, then you should reposition it throughout the year. When you place furniture on or around the carpet, it causes people to walk a particular way, which will start to make a carpet path over time. A carpet path happens when the fibers get smashed down enough that it’s a different height than the surrounding carpet fibers. By repositioning the carpet, you prevent one area from becoming worn down and allow for even usage of the surface area. With maintenance care and proper rug cleaning, The Woodlands, TX Oriental rug owners will have no problem keeping their rugs clean and preserved for many years.


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