Think of the Future When You Remodel Your Bathroom

by | Jun 1, 2012 | Remodeling

Many times, when people think about whether or not to remodel the bathroom of their Bowie home, they consider the age of the home and what the remodel will mean for the home in terms of resale value. However, one thing that is rarely considered is the age of the occupant and what the remodel will mean for them in the future.

The bathroom is one of the most difficult places in the home for the elderly to maneuver, and it is the site of most slip and fall accidents for older people. Often, a couple will spend a lot of money on a full-scale, stylish remodel of their bathroom only to discover in a few short years that they should have included features that would assist them as they age.

The easiest way to remodel a bathroom for the elderly or soon to be elderly is to install grab bars in as many convenient locations as possible. These are especially essential on the walls around the toilet, for getting into and out of a shower or bath, and inside of the bathtub or shower stall. Grab bars maximize safety and comfort and provide a sense of security for those who are able to maneuver on their own, but like the reassurance of having something to assist them should they feel as though they might lose their balance.

Doorways into the bathroom can be widened when you remodel so that in the event that a wheelchair, scooter, or walker becomes necessary, there is room to maneuver through and around the bathroom door. Even adding just a few inches to the doorway can prove to be a valuable asset in the future.

One of the best ways to remodel a bathroom that helps everyone to be safer is a walk-in shower. If it is possible to install a frame-free, walk-in shower, do so. Not only does such a shower benefit the elderly who can walk right in without fear of falling or tripping, but everyone can enjoy the ease of entry and exit that a walk-in shower provides. In addition, these showers are easy to clean because there are not so many nooks and crannies where dirt, mold, and mildew can accumulate.

It can be fun to remodel a bathroom and go all out in terms of style and elegance. However, it is possible to find a happy medium between form and function with your bathroom remodel especially with a view to who will be using the bathroom both now and in the years to come. A bathroom remodel with features for the elderly may save you money down the line.



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