The Most Important Aspect of Lawn Care in Jupiter

It is no secret that Florida is a pretty warm place. It has a very moist environment with fertile soil, plenty of sun, and a great environment for growth in general. That means agriculture is a big part of the Florida economy, since so many different kinds of plants can grow in the weather. However, it also means that bugs are pretty abundant in Florida as well. Cicadas, cockroaches, and lovebugs tend to be flourish every summer. Whenever the heat starts to rise, cicadas begin to make themselves known and pests head into your house to shelter from the heat. There are very few temperatures each year that actually kill off the bugs, so it is hard to keep them at bay. Many people fight them off with pesticides and home maintenance, which is a great step, but it is not the entire process.

The Importance of Lawn Maintenance

When you are choosing lawn care in Jupiter, Florida, you should look for a business that also does work in managing pests. Pest control and lawn care aren’t always combined as part of the same thing, but they are both aspects of home maintenance, and they are linked. When it comes to certain creatures, especially fire ants and mosquitoes, an unkempt lawn can be a breeding ground. Fire ants build ant hills that allow them to grow, flourish, and multiply. If you keep a steady lawn care regimen, you can find fire ant hills when they are in their infancy and poison them. A little bit of poison goes a long way to keeping fire ants out of your yard and out of your house. Mosquitoes like warm, damp places and standing water.


Keeping your grass short and your lawn maintained will reduce the number of places mosquitoes can grow.  Basically, lawn care is a big part of keeping your house pest-free. Not everybody thinks of it that way, but it is incredibly important.

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