The Many Uses of Kiln Burners

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Kilns are special ovens that are often used in industrial settings for a variety of purposes. These ovens can reach high temperatures and maintain them easily to make it easier for industrial processes to be completed properly. If you work in an industry that must heat materials, it is worth determining if kiln burners are the best choice for your applications.


When you mention kilns, most people are likely to think of ceramic applications. This is because kilns are used for ceramics by industries, manufacturers and even individuals in a home or business setting. When you are working with ceramics, you can count on kilns to complete a variety of processes, including:

1. Binder burn out
2. Ceramic coatings
3. Sintering
4. Fire ceramic extrusions

Heat Treating

Some industries require materials to be heat treated for a variety of reasons. One of the most common methods of heat treating for which kiln burners are used is boronizing. This process is typically conducted on a steel surface where boron is diffused onto the surface to harden it. Because this process requires extremely high temperatures, typically around 900 degrees, a kiln is the best place to conduct this process. The kiln allows for the right temperatures for the proper amount of time.

Preheating Materials

Sometimes certain materials need to be preheated before they are used in industrial processes. Kilns provide plenty of space for materials that are larger than what fits on other types of burners. This process is often used to heat metals to a specific temperature to make forging easier. Kilns provide you with the ability to set a specific temperature and then process the material for a set period of time until it reaches that temperature.

No matter what process you must complete, kiln burners can be one of the most effective methods of completing them. Some processes require more space than a smaller burner allows, as well as a more controlled environment, which can be found in kilns. These kilns allow employees to manage the temperature and keep the environment as consistent as possible to complete a variety of processes, including ceramics, heat treating and preheating materials. However, these aren?t the only processes for which kilns can be used. They are an effective option for many industrial uses.


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