The Importance of Proper Gutters in Colorado Springs

by | Aug 29, 2016 | Home Improvement

Gutters in Colorado Springs protect many components of a home, so it is important that they are in proper condition. Repairs need to be done in a timely manner to keep small issues from becoming major, and more expensive, problems. Annual inspections, proper cleaning, and routine maintenance of gutters and downspouts can prolong the life of the system. When old gutters begin to corrode, separate from the structure, or become dented and damaged, they should be replaced by an experienced home improvement company.

They are primarily associated with roofing, and many people think the only function is to remove runoff water from collecting on the roof. Clogs from debris, loose connections, and rust or dents in the system can prevent them from moving water from the roof. That can lead to puddles, leaks, rotting shingles, and ruined insulation in the attic. Water can also infiltrate small cracks and pits on the roof and freeze. That causes further damage, and can lead to major roof repairs. Gutter guards can be installed to eliminate clogs and allow water to move freely.

Gutters in Colorado Springs also direct excess water away from siding, windows, attics, and foundations. They also protect the landscaping and soil in the immediate vicinity of the home. Any water not moved away by a properly maintained gutter system will get into the siding and windows, and cause a lot of damage. Siding can buckle, rust, loose efficiency, and cease to protect the walls from the elements. The wind, rain, ice, and snow can dampen the walls and beams. That can result in the spreading of mold, weakening of the beams, and infestation of insects.

Damage can be severe before it is noticed, depending on where the leaking starts. Drafts will result in a spike in utility costs, and window seals and frames can fail. Those repairs will be expensive because it may require new siding or windows. Water collecting on the ground can erode the soil; crack the foundation or cause it to shift; and enter the basement or crawl space. A damaged foundation will impact the stability and safety of the home. Once water gets into small holes or thin cracks, it will freeze and increase the damage. It will not be noticeable for a long time because the cracks will not be seen below the ground. Homeowners can go to Website Domain to learn about gutter repairs and replacement options.

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