The Epoxy Floor Coating Process

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Flooring

Flooring, especially in a garage or warehouse is something that people may not put a lot of thought into until there is something wrong with it. When a floor starts to crack or break, it raises safety concerns and it definitely not visually appealing either. This is one of the greatest benefits of an epoxy floor coating. If you have either a residential or commercial property and live in the Denver area, you may want to consider calling on Specialty Poxy Coatings who offer amazing prices on their beautiful and durable flooring options.

The Three Step Process of the Epoxy floor coating in Denver

Once someone has decided that the epoxy floor coating is going to be the best option, the first step is going to be repairing the floor and freeing it of any divots or cracks that it may have. Additionally, diamond carbide grinders will be utilized to rid the floor of any contaminants that are on the surface and would negatively affect the epoxy floor coating. The grinding also helps the floor’s pores to be opened so it will be better absorb the floor coating.

2nd Stage

The second stage is the actual application process. Once the floor has been prepped properly, a commercial grade epoxy floor coating will be poured and once it is down – additional accent chips are scattered to help with the seamless look. Stem walls will also be added during this process and everything will be left so it can cure and bond together properly.

3rd Stage

The third stage is the completion stage. This stage includes sanding and scarping any excess residue, paint chips, base coat, etc. to ensure that there is a smooth surface. After everything is smoothed out – a top coat, which is polyaspartic clear, will be applied over the epoxy floor coating to add that beautiful glossy appearance that people love. A solid 24 hours is all the floor needs to cure properly and then it is ready to handle any type of traffic, liquid, and materials that you can think of.

If you are looking for a company that has the experience and know how on epoxy floor coating application in Denver, we are them! We pride ourselves on attention to detail to ensure that your floor will not only be functional, it will be beautiful, done properly the first time around and safe. There is nothing worse than a floor that you have to be concerned about – let us help you out.

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