The Different Types Of Floor Tiles

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Home And Garden

There are many different materials that can be used throughout a home for the floors; among them all tile is perhaps the most durable and easy to clean and with the infinite variety available from a tile store in Manhattan any interior décor can be complimented. There are tiles available to suit every taste and every budget; many can be laid by the DIY homeowner while some are best left to professionals.

Stone floors are by no means new; this type of flooring has been used for thousands of years. Depending on the material, stone floors can create a very formal or a relaxed atmosphere. Marble floors are by far the most luxurious stone while flagstone is used for informal settings. As stone is a natural material there are color variations that make them unique, they are also extremely durable.

Terrazzo is a material which is made from marble chips mixed with concrete. Once the material has dried, either as a slab or from a tile mold, it is polished to a high sheen. This type of flooring is quite attractive and certainly easy to maintain.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced floor tile then consider ceramic. Ceramic tiles are manufactured from clay which is then sent through a kiln to be fired. Once the tile is out of the kiln a colored glaze is applied and the tile is once again fired. Ceramic tiles can be quite slippery but if the intention is to use them on the floor they can be treated with an abrasive. Unglazed tiles are available as well; they are not slippery but must be sealed as they can stain quite easily.

A high quality tile store in Manhattan will always feature a wide range of porcelain tile, this type of tile is similar to ceramic as it is also based on clay but the firing temperature is much higher hence the finished tile is much harder and is suitable for high traffic area.

Mosaic tiles are quite interesting and can be used to make an interesting and decorative surface. The tiles are made from ceramic, porcelain or glass; they are normally produced as a small square, usually no more than one inch square. The squares are arranged in a repeating pattern or they can be formed into a picture or mural. For those who are not artistic, mosaic tiles are available as a standard set on a common backing sheet for easy installation.

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