The Different Features of Beds in Murrieta

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Mattresses

A full bedroom set is made of a mattress, a base, and a headboard. Some people choose to forego the headboard because very few of them have functional value. They might not be functional but they do help create the look of a complete bedroom. They also add balance to the base. Beds look somewhat incomplete without a headboard. A matching footboard is also a great choice. If you want just the base, though, you should consider an adjustable base.

Adjustable Base

Adjustable beds in Murrieta are made with mattresses that are designed to be adjustable sitting on bases. The base is made with flex points built into it. The points have motors in them. Typically, the new adjustable bases can be controlled remotely. Some of them even have more features than just simple adjustments. Some adjustable bases can actually massage you as you lie on them.

There are more features than just adjusting as well. You should visit the website URL to see some of the great adjustable options. There are bases that even have lights underneath them. Some of them have USB ports or alarms.

New Features

Many of the new bases for beds feature underbody lights so that you can find your shoes in the middle of the night or so that they can gently light a room without waking up your partner. Also, they often have alarms. The alarm typically will lift the head of the mattress when it is time for you to wake up. This is one of the gentlest ways to wake up. Some of them have USB options. The USB option will allow you to plug your phone into the bed to charge it. Also, you can often control the beds from your phone. These are just a few of the incredible features of new adjustable bases.

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