The Difference Between a Roofing Contractor and a General Contractor

At some point, you may have been told to hire a contractor for your roof repair, only to find that there are many different types of contractors available. For most commercial and residential owners, the main concern is the difference between a general contractor and a roofer contractor in Oklahoma City. While you may want to hire a general contractor under certain circumstances, in most cases a roofer contractor in Oklahoma City is the better solution.

To ensure that you make the right decision for your needs, here is an overview of the difference between a general contractor and a roofing contractor:

A General Contractor

A general contractor is akin to a “jack of all trades.” That is to say, general contractors are able to perform a bit of everything when it comes to home repairs. For example, you may hire a general contractor to replace a roof shingle, fix siding to your home, and redo your windows.

While many people may see the value in hiring a general contractor for a roofing repair, the fact of the matter is, general contractors do not have the knowledge of experience necessary to perform a specialized job.

The best instance to hire a general contractor is when you have very broad and general repairs that do not require specialization. Once the tasks become more complicated, you should seek out a professional who solely handles a specific task.

A Roofing Contractor

Unlike a general contractor, a roofing contractor focuses solely on roof repairs and construction. The advantage of hiring a roofing contractor as opposed to a general contractor is the roofing contractor is able to handle even the most complicated roofing tasks.

Moreover, the roofing contractor usually exhibits high quality workmanship that you will not be able to find elsewhere. Given, the workmanship will usually depend upon the contractor’s years of experience and previous projects – but in general, the contractor is always the optimal choice.

The Cost Difference

When most people debate between a roofing contractor and a general contractor, they have the misconception that the specializing individual will charge more for their service. To the contrary, a general contractor may be more expensive because they need to exert more time, energy, and resources on performing the same repairs that a roofing contractor performs. As a result, if you are concerned just about cost, then the roofing contractor is still the better option.

Innovative Construction and Roofing is a roofer contractor in Oklahoma City. In addition to roofing repairs, the company also specializes in roof replacement, gutting, and siding.

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