The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Installation in New York City

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Flooring

If you’re searching for new flooring, you may be considering moving away from carpeting and having something different installed. There are a few options out there, and one of them is hardwood flooring. You may have seen it in a friend’s home and wondered if it would be right for you. It very well may be, so here are some benefits to having hardwood flooring.

One of the main reasons people have hardwood floors installed is appearance. A gleaming new wood floor can be highly attractive. There is a huge range of colors and types of wood to choose from, all with different grain patterns and designs. It will definitely surpass the uniform appearance of carpeting and will wow your friends and family when they first see it. And as mentioned, it is available in a wide range of color choices, so finding something to match your existing décor shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Wood floors are reasonably low maintenance. They can be given a general cleaning by simply sweeping them with a gentle broom. For more aggressive cleaning, a dry mop can be used, preferably one made of terrycloth so as not cause any damage. Never use a wet mop as you want your wood floor to stay as dry as possible at all times. Clean up any spills immediately. You can also place area rugs in higher traffic areas such as all doors and in front of the kitchen sink in order to preserve the life of your floor.

Hardwood flooring in New York City is overall cleaner, safer, and more sanitary than a carpeted floor. Carpet retains dust, pollen, animal hair, mold, and more, even when vacuumed regularly. A wood floor won’t hold any of these things when kept clean. If you suffer from allergies, a wood floor may be preferable specifically because you can very easily eliminate allergens with ease.

Quality wood floors are very durable and can stand up to heavy usage far better than carpeting can. And unlike other types of flooring, they are easy to refinish when wear begins to show, rather than needing to be replaced like a worn out carpet would. As well, using wood for your flooring can be an environmentally sound way of living, as wood is a natural occurring substance that can be endlessly replaced. And because it stands up so well to daily living, it your flooring will probably never need replacing if well cared for. That means fewer trees will need to be harvested for flooring purposes.

In the end, there is no reason not to give hardwood flooring a try. It may be slightly more expensive up front, but will eventually pay for itself in the form of lasting a very, very long time.

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